What is In Home Care?

In Home Care is a flexible and affordable for of quality child care that takes place in your own home provided by an approved and accredited educator. 
In Home Care is for families that can’t access other forms of child care, such as centre-based care or family day care. In Home Care is much more than ‘just babysitting’, our team offers our families and educators the opportunity to positively impact the development and growth of children through quality play-based learning.

The Benefits of In Home Care and Working with Us

NSW In Home Care aims to support the growing number of families who are trying to balance work and family commitments. We also do our best to take the time to understand the educators’ needs so we facilitate a match that works best for everyone.  

Flexible Work Hours

We offer great flexibility both in and outside the hours of childcare - this is anytime around the clock that suits you, 7 days a week!

Professional Development

We can upskill our educators through flexible online, accredited courses and professional development webinars to ensure quality care. ​

Non-Disrupted Routines

Our educators work with children’s routines to be able to best meet their needs, whilst incorporating play-based learning activities.

Educator Financial Package

We offer a financial 'Start Up package' to educators, where we cover up to $1,500 of their insurance, resources and educational training.

What’s the Eligibility Criteria for In Home Care?

Families are eligible for In Home Care if they fit into the below three categories. If you believe you are a family (or know a family) that fits one or more of these criteria, then contact us today to chat more about the In Home Care program. We may then refer you to the In Home Care Agency who assesses eligibility. 



Geographical isolation

Families that are geographically isolated from other types of approved child-caring services, particularly in rural or remote locations. Families need to live in a location designated as very remote, remote, or moderately accessible by the ARIA index. An indication of distance or estimated travel time to the nearest available appropriate childcare service will be calculated when determining eligibility.

Non-standard working hours

Families where the parent/guardian or carers work non-standard or variable hours outside the normal child care service hours.

Families will need to provide work rosters or other evidence from their employer to prove non-standard working hours.

Complex needs

Challenging or complex needs could mean the following:
- A child with additional needs or a disability whose early childhood education and care requirements cannot be catered for in another approved child care setting, or through other government funded or community-based services. - A family where a parent is undergoing treatment for a serious illness.
- Other complex family situations that prevent families from accessing other approved early education and care types.

Who We are and What We Do

NSW In Home Care for Early Childhood (NSWIHC) was established and funded by the Department of Education and Training in 2001 as part of the Australian Governments In Home Care Pilot Project, as a flexible form of childcare for families unable to access mainstream childcare. (read more button here)

NSWIHC delivers in home care services across NSW and the ACT. We act under the Australian Government’s In Home Care program which subsidies costs for eligible families through the Child Care Subsidy. 

We are sponsored by NSW Family Day Care Association (NSWFDCA) which is the organisation that supports and advocates for Family Day Care and Early Childhood Education and Care in a home environment. NSWFDCA was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit organisation to promote and support all aspects of Family Day Care within the NSW community. We are a well-established not-for-profit organisation and we are proud to have been part of local communities for over 20 years.

What does In Home Care cost? What is CCS?

Each service provider sets their own In Home Care rates and this is something you would discuss before choosing an In Home Care service provider and educator. All families are different too, so the amount of CCS you can claim will depend on your circumstances. A number of different criteria are taken into account including how much income your family has, the number of hours of recognised activity you and your partner do (these activities cover employment, education, looking for work, volunteering, and more, and are assessed by the Australian Department of Human Services (ADHS)), the age of your child and the type of child care you use.

You might be eligible for CCS if:

·         You or your partner live in Australia and have Australian citizenship or one of the accepted types of visa

·         You currently pay fees to an approved provider for your child’s care

·         You have 14% percent care for your child at least two nights per fortnight.

There are also certain conditions for your child to meet. For example, if your child is aged 13 or under and needs supervision, you might be suitable for child care subsidy if you can provide evidence stating why your kid needs to be supervised. Children aged 14- to 18 with a disability may also be suitable. In addition, your child will need to meet the immunisation requirements.

If this is all a bit confusing please chat to the team on 029779999 or info@nswihc.org.au and we can take you through it! We will also be happy to discuss our fee’s with you. 

How do I apply for In Home Care?

You can contact us by phone or form, and we will reach out with a few quick questions to understand your situation. During the call, we may transfer you to our In Home Care Support Agency who officially assess your eligibility and develops a family management plan with you.

 The family management plan captures relevant information relating to your family’s education and care needs. From here, you will need to provide evidence to support your claim such as work rosters or medical documentation. 

When you are deemed eligible for In Home Care, and we have a copy of your Family Management Plan, we then begin the matchmaking process – connecting families with educators.  A meet a greet will take place once all the educators compliance checks have been done, after which, you may commence care.  


Our Team

The NSW In Home Care team are passionate about matching talented and trustworthy educators with the right families. We understand and appreciate that each family is unique and has different needs, so we pride ourselves on being thorough matchmakers and delivering care that is focused on the wellbeing and development of the child.

We come from diverse cultural backgrounds and have an array of qualifications and many years of experience working within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. We also have experienced Family Liaison Facilitators on-hand to provide specialist support because we want to make In Home Care as simple as possible for you.



Family Liaison Facilitator & Acting Manager



Recruitment & Support Officer



Family Liaison Facilitator