Refer a Family or Educator

Refer a Family

You can refer a family which:

  • Has a child who has an illness or disability
  • Has an adult member who has an illness or disability which affects their ability to care for their child
  • Lives in an area that is too far from other education and care services
  • Works hours that are outside normal service hours


If there are other complex circumstances that make mainstream care inaccessible, then it might be worth finding out whether a family is eligible or not. We do not process applications for eligibility ourselves (the NSW and ACT In Home Care Support Agencies do), but we are happy to share our experience in the sector and what our service can offer if a family is eligible.


Refer an Educator

Some families may have already identified an educator they would like to bring on-board themselves. In this case, the educator must still fit our criteria and under-go our standard recruitment process.

They cannot be a family or friend, but it is helpful when families view themselves as part of the recruitment process, through for example babysitter websites/apps, Facebook groups and word-of-mouth, in order to ensure their care starts sooner rather than later. This is especially applicable for regional and remote areas. 

If you would like to refer an educator and enquire with us, please use the form below or give us a call on 02 9779 9999 (option 3)!